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Little Brother

Pamphleteer, aka "Little Brother," is a propaganda robot which distributes subersive literature. Pamphleteer is designed to bypass the social conditioning that inhibits activists' ability to distribute propaganda by capitalizing on the aesthetics of cuteness. The robot's form references a tradition of robot aesthetics developed in science fiction and popular media.

"Studies have shown that people are more likely to accept literature from a robot than a human activist."
- IAA Research

Pamphleteer: A Propaganda Robot for Cultural Resistance (Engligh | German)
This paper presents research findings based on performance evaluation of Pamphleteer, a propaganda robot which automates the often dangerous practice of distributing subversive literature to the public. In field tests, Pamphleteer consistently out-performed human activists in quantity, scope, and efficiency, and also scored significantly higher on the cuteness - obnoxious scale (COS).

Little Brother Gets Busted
In this lively and engaging tale, a naive young robot runs afoul of the law - and wacky hijinks ensue! Through the trials and tribulations of our protagonist, we discover the nuances of U.S. drug enforcement policy and learn valuable lessons including proper procedures for handling police interrogations and hiding contraband in one's anal cavity. Stars "Little Brother" (widely acclaimed robotic spokesman for the Institute for Applied Autonomy) with an international cast. Originally released as a filmstrip,
2001, Filmstrip, Color, Approx. 8 minutes